Northern Ireland
Tier 1 grant rates increase by 11%
Peter McCann
Like previous tranches, if the scheme is oversubscribed, applications will be ranked on points-based selection criteria.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Private vets critical of BVD policy in NI
With BVD rates in NI higher than in 2020, frustration is growing at the lack of action by DAERA to stamp out the disease.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
TB reactors hit a new peak in July
The rates of the disease continue to be going in the wrong direction in NI.
Countryside Services to deliver Tier 1 grant
The Dungannon-based company has delivered all previous tranches of the scheme on behalf of DAERA.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Poots confirms new independent panel for appeals
Under the previous appeals regime, DAERA could chose not to accept recommendations made by the panel.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
£10m for fourth tranche of NI Tier 1 grant
The Tier 1 grant scheme provides financial assistant to purchase equipment costing between £5,000 and £30,000.
22 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Maedi Visna outbreak under control, says DAERA
The highly infectious viral disease was detected in Northern Ireland back in January 2022 after three rams from a local flock tested positive in Scotland.
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Three-day Ploughing extravaganza returns
Luke Ming Flanagan's enormous tent could have housed the entire political circus at the 2022 National (and World) Ploughing Championships.
21 September 2022 Dealer
NI roundup: soil scheme, Ulster Wool and Angus competition
Minister Poots confirms latest with soil scheme, Ulster Wool seeks new reps and deadline extended for Angus competition.
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Increased payments rates for EFS wider level
The increased payments in this phase of Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) mostly apply to measures that involve fencing.
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland
DAERA serves up more fines than before
With farm penalties applied by DAERA near doubling in 2021 it points to rules being more strictly enforced
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Farm penalties almost double
Over a third of all infringements were for the for the Statutory Management Requirement on cattle identification and registration.
14 September 2022 News