Conforming to nitrates rules with slurry and soiled water
Martin Merrick
Martin Merrick outlines what farmers need to know amid updates and changes occurring to soiled water and slurry storage for 2024.
14 May 2024 Schemes
Over half of eligible TAMS tranche two applications approved
The Department have been steaming ahead with approvals with over half of the 9,110 applications received under tranche 2 being approved.
24 February 2024 TAMS
Key rules to remember when applying for TAMS
There are several rules to remember when it comes to making you TAMS application, and failing to comply with these rules will result in your application being disqualified or a claw back of grant aid.
Just 27 of women farmers scheme applications approved to date
Under TAMS III, there were 259 applications to the Women Farmers Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS), with 27 of those approved to date.
7 February 2024 News
VAT debacle explained: examining what has changed with VAT and farm investments
With the confusion surrounding VAT and a recent change in views by Revenue, Martin Merrick looks at what exactly has changed regarding VAT reclaims.
31 January 2024 Buildings