Northern Ireland
Aurivo changes fat and protein payments in NI
Kieran Mailey
The west of Ireland based co-op has announced changes to its fat and protein increments in NI.
16 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Winter bonus payments lift October milk prices
Milk processors have held base prices for October, but winter bonus payments effectively raise farmgate returns.
10 November 2022
Agriculture is the lifeblood of Cookstown
Cookstown in Co Tyrone is surrounded by high-quality farmland with a huge processing industry which drives almost all commercial activity in the town.
Dairy chiefs focus on green agenda
The chief executives of Lakeland Dairies, Dale Farm and Glanbia Cheese have said the dairy sector must become more focused on the environment.
9 November 2022 Northern Ireland
NI milk league: Lakeland makes it two months in a row
Despite not changing its base price, Lakeland Dairies leads the NI milk league for September.
26 October 2022 Northern Ireland
Tirlán first to pay over 50p/l for high solids milk
Tirlán has moved back to the top of the monthly milk league in NI for a farmers supplying 1 million litres.
26 October 2022 Northern Ireland
No change to September milk prices
Milk processors in Northern Ireland have left base prices unchanged for September.
19 October 2022 Northern Ireland
Dale Farm gains suppliers off Lakeland
One of NI’s largest milk processors, Dale Farm, has taken on a number of farmers formerly supplying Lakeland Dairies.
12 October 2022 Northern Ireland
NI milk league: Lakeland moves back on top for August
For the first time since December 2021, Lakeland Dairies has finished on top of the NI milk league.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Lost signals around higher milk solids
New fat and protein increments have been introduced by a number of processors, but do they matter at current milk prices? Kieran Mailey and David Wright report.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Lakeland breaks Tirlán run at the top
Lakeland Dairies has knocked Tirlan off the top of the one million-litre milk leagues for August.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Tirlán breaks upward NI milk price trend
Milk prices in Northern Ireland have now increased for 12 consecutive months.
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland