Key practices driving a successful Donegal enterprise
Darren Carty
Over 300 farmers flocked to the recent IGA sheep farm walk to get a glimpse of the farming system run by Margaret and Jack Stevenson.
1 May 2024 Markets
Sheep Management: drafting lambs and weed control considerations
With prices easing, producers need to be careful to draft sheep to secure the maximum returns available.
3 January 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: sharper start to 2024 lamb trade
Lambs quotes have started the year 10c/kg higher than before the Christmas break, with base quotes ranging from €6.45/kg to €6.60/kg plus the respective quality assurance bonuses.
On trial: Clipex sheep crate impresses Westmeath store lamb finisher
Frankie Boyhan took trial of a Clipex Contractor sheep crate, with the Westmeath farmer highly impressed by the technology and labour saving.
27 December 2023 Sheep handling
Sheep Management: SIS queries, drafting considerations and weather checks
Adherance to the sheep improvement scheme reference number is important where the aim is to maximise scheme payments.
29 November 2023 Management
The sheep clean livestock policy refresher course
Poor weather and difficult ground conditions have brought the sheep livestock policy back into the spotlight.
26 November 2023 Management