One week before land maintenance rules kick in
Darren Carty
From 1 March, a multitude of land maintenance tasks will be prohibited for a period of six months.
19 January 2022 News
Ireland to be audited on transport of unweaned calves
The audit will 'verify member states’ compliance with the applicable EU legislation governing the welfare of unweaned calves during transport'.
Protecting livelihoods and improving animal transport standards - Billy Kelleher
This week, the European Parliament will debate a new set of recommendations drawn up by a Committee of Inquiry into the protection of animals during transport, of which Billy Kelleher is a member.
Final push for BVD national eradication programme
In announcing a continuation of Department supports Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said ‘BVD freedom’ is in sight and that Ireland is close to eradicating it from the herd.
29 December 2021 Schemes
Cattle tagging going electronic in 2022
From 1 January 2022, all new calf tag sets sold by tag suppliers must possess an electronic tag, while all newborn animals must be electronically tagged from 1 July 2022.
1 December 2021 Management
Listen: Down to Agribusiness podcast - farm finance and EU imports
Listen to Anne Finnegan and Phelim O'Neill discuss how farmers can finance spiralling input costs and what proposed EU legislation on importing from deforested regions means.
26 November 2021 News
EU to toughen import conditions
The EU looks set to toughen rules for imports to combat deforestation.
17 November 2021 News
Maximum payment of €100 towards EID cattle tag costs
A tag subvention scheme will operate over three years (2022 to 2024 inclusive) with the first payment scheduled to take place in the last quarter of 2022.
3 November 2021 Schemes
UK decides to push towards gene editing technologies
The UK government's decision to move towards gene editing technologies seems like good news for UK farmers, but it could cause some unexpected variety access and trade issues.
1 October 2021 Husbandry
Used tractors imports up 82% in 2021
FTMTA figures show that 2,803 used tractors have been imported and registered in Ireland up to the end of August this year, up by over 82% on 2020 figures.
22 September 2021 News
‘Workable solution’ needed for new wormer rules – IFA
The IFA has called on Minister McConalogue to resolve issues it expects will arise with upcoming changes to anthelmintic usage requirements.
30 July 2021 News
Food ombudsman will be minister’s legacy
There will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the minister to bring transparency to what happens beyond the factory gate.
7 July 2021 News