Fiscal Advisory Council's warnings on public spending
Justin McCarthy
The damage that inflation is doing to living standards is very real – few people are seeing their incomes rise at numbers like 8% per annum.
4 May 2022 News
Pesticide sale volumes drop over 20% since 2011
Sales of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides were down in 2020 from 2011's levels.
4 March 2022 News
Energy drives euro area annual inflation up to 5.8%
Eurostat estimates that annual inflation in Ireland was 5.7% in February 2022, just 0.1% behind the wider euro area average.
Eurostat shows livestock numbers falling
Livestock numbers in the EU have been falling in advance of Farm to Fork coming into effect.
25 February 2022 News
Political pressure increases as green transition pushes consumers into the red
Reliance on imports has left the EU energy market heavily exposed to geopolitical tension that is seeing the cost of living rising.
9 February 2022 Editorial
Where is all the extra gas supposed to come from?
If the carbon-intensity of power generation does not decline, a greater burden of adjustment will be shifted on to other sectors, including agriculture.
9 February 2022 Opinion
Irish have the highest daily intake of fruit and vegetables - EU study
The Irish are leaders in fruit and vegetable consumption in the EU, with women eating more than men overall.
5 January 2022 News