Ask Miriam: 'my ex is bringing his new girlfriend to our friends' wedding'
Ask Miriam
This week, Miriam hears from a reader who is anxious about meeting her ex with his new girlfriend at an upcoming wedding.
Katherine O'Leahy: babysitting my second grandchild
Katherine's little grandchild, Peter waited for his bottle while his Granny struggled in his parents new kitchen.
17 July 2024 News
This Palestinian chef is using food for good in Cork
Eman and Izzeddeen Alkarajeh offer home-cooked foods and relaxed hospitality in their cosy Cork eatery, but their hearts are with their friends and family in Palestine, writes Janine Kennedy.
Rural Life: stigma stops men seeking domestic abuse support
In the second part of our series on domestic violence, Jacqueline Hogge speaks to male victims who share their experience of coercive control by former partners and the damage it inflicts on families.
17 July 2024 Features
Money Mentor: is joining a company pension scheme worth it?
In this week’s Money Mentor, Martin Glennon, Head of Financial Planning at Ifac, discusses the value to be gotten from joining a company pension scheme.
17 July 2024 Money Mentor
Agri Careers: Increasing accessibility to adult education
Springboard-funded courses are providing a platform for adults to upskill and gain confidence in returning to education and the workforce, writes Sarah Mcintosh.
17 July 2024 Recruitment
Katherine O'Leary: building relationships with the teenagers
The effort you put in now with the petulant teenager will come back to you in years to come through friendship, writes Katherine O’ Leary.
10 July 2024 Katherine O'Leary
From cow to cone at Muckross Creamery
For fifth-generation dairy farmer John Fleming and family, launching an ice cream business has been a great adventure, writes Maria Moynihan.
10 July 2024 Features
Ask Miriam: ‘my daughter says she won’t go to college’
A concerned mother questions her daughter's decision to pass up a potential university course in favour of training to become a hairdresser.
3 July 2024 Ask Miriam
Sport: with Dublin knocked out, the race for Sam is on
We expect sporting dynasties to last forever – Dublin fell last week, can Limerick stay on top, asks Denis Hurley.
3 July 2024 Sport
IFJ Junior editorial: 'I see how hard mum and dad work'
Living on a goat farm where we make our own cheese is busy, but I love being out in nature, writes Luisne Ní Urdail.
26 June 2024 l2
Legal: dealing with a sudden death on a farm
An unexpected death brings heartbreak. On a farm, it can also mean added complexities for families. Aisling Meehan deals with some of most common questions.
26 June 2024 CL-IFJHome