Consumers need to know that EU farmers are 'already sustainable' - Wojciechowski
Barry Murphy
The European Commissioner for Agriculture has warned that EU citizens need to be informed on how sustainable their farmers already are.
27 April 2022 Editorial
Macron has work to do in EU as well as France
President Macron has been one of the EU leaders that demonstrated an understanding of the threat of war in Ukraine to food security.
23 March 2022 Editorial
Editorial: refocusing CAP but not at the expense of the environment
The impact of Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine on food and energy security will far outlast the lifetime of the next CAP.
Dempsey at Large: war, climate change and costs
Call for some “recalibration” of the Farm to Fork strategy at the forum for the future of agriculture conference in Brussels.
15 March 2022 Opinion
Farm to Fork review not on the table as Commission considers food security
EU Commission indicates that while the Ukraine crisis will mean elements of Farm to Fork being reviewed there wont be a major rethink.
9 March 2022 News
Food security must top agenda for Food Vision dairy group – IFA
The IFA says that given the war in Ukraine and its impact on food security, Ireland should be using its superior climate efficiency credentials in food production.
7 March 2022 News
'Special' agri-food market measures to be finalised by Commission
The European Commission is considering the implementation of market supports as a short-term measure to ease the crisis facing the agri-food sector.
2 March 2022 News
Ukraine conflict threatens ‘food security of millions’ – young farmer group
The escalating situation in Ukraine may exacerbate food cost increases and threaten supply chains, CEJA has warned.
25 February 2022 News
Policies pursued by European Commission ‘threaten’ food security – IFA
The huge and tragic consequences of events in Ukraine will also affect farm costs and food production, according to the Irish Farmers' Association.
24 February 2022 News
Outlook demands more while we set up to produce less
Sustaining production has to be an equal part of the debate on the green deal. It is not either or it has to be both.
23 February 2022 News
What solution does the Terra range from Target Fertilisers offer?
Modern agriculture is facing some complex challenges where farmers are expected to meet the changing needs of our planet and the expectations of regulators, consumers, food processors and retailers.
Impact assessments on Farm to Fork strategy
Three detailed studies, though not full impact assessments, show that Farm to Fork and biodiversity strategies will hit food production and increase consumer prices.
16 February 2022 News