Comment: a difficult CAP reform for some farm organisations
Declan O'Brien
When it comes to CAP reform, on the farm bodies’ front the obvious winners were the INHFA.
24 November 2021 News
Farming lobbyists remain ‘extremely powerful’ – Sinn Féin
Government and opposition TDs made Dáil statements on the Climate Action Plan on Tuesday with views expressed in support of and challenging Irish agriculture and farm representatives.
10 November 2021 News
Ireland to dairy and beef what California is to tech – ICMSA
Farmers will constructively engage with the climate action plan but 'will not be made fools of', according to the ICMSA.
Cattle tag change beneficiaries ‘outside the farm gate’ – IFA
The IFA says changes to bovine identification system are not a legislative requirement and are based on a decision taken by the Minister to facilitate meat factories, marts and large feedlots.
8 November 2021 News
Letter: Brazil's plans to increase beef production
"What struck me is that your readers are well aware of the reality and the sickening double standards" – Declan Murphy, by email.
25 August 2021 Letters
Letter: division between farm organisations
"Division between farm organisations" - Brendan Hinchion, Kilnamartyra, Macroom, Co Cork
16 June 2021 Letters
Letter:Yemen fundraising campaign
"Basically another holocaust taking place under our noses" – John Fagan, Gartlandstown, Crookedwood, CoWestmeath.
19 August 2020 Letters
Editorial: newly formed beef group setting ambitious targets
In this week's editorial, Justin McCarthy looks at the new Beef Plan Movement group, why the lessons of 2012 are key to potatoes and the progress in Brexit negotiations.
14 November 2018 Editorial
Free farm movement – €10 to join
A beef plan movement has been taking WhatsApp by storm.
17 October 2018 Dealer
Listen: budget and simplification key concerns for future CAP
The Department of Agriculture conducted a fresh round of discussions on the future of farm payments with industry representatives this Wednesday.
4 July 2018 News