Check finishing cattle have enough feed and lying space
Kieran Mailey
Finishing cattle will be on to maximum concentrate intakes, so it is important that performance is not hindered by over-stocking in sheds.
4 June 2021 Management
Tullamore Farm: taking a look at the 2021 bull kill sheets so far
Adam Woods takes a look at the Tullamore Farm bull kill sheets so far for 2021.
12 May 2021 News
Tullamore Farm: what are the options?
Adam Woods talks to Paul Crosson, Teagasc, Grange about some options for Tullamore Farm and what it would mean to the bottom line and our environmental footprint.
Finishing bulls off grass has no negative effect on eating quality
Teagasc research into finishing bulls off grass at the end of the second grazing season showed no negative effects on meat quality compared with bulls finished indoors on a high-concentrates diet.
25 April 2021 Grass & feeding
Key lessons from BETTER Farm NI programme
With GM/ha rising by £401/ha during the BETTER Farm NI programme, Kieran Mailey outlines the key lessons learned that drive profitability.
10 March 2021 Sucklers
Watch: Farm Tech Talk - the Livestock Show
February has begun and farms are coming to life all over Ireland, as calving really kicks off.
5 February 2021 Breeding & health
BETTER farm NI: 10 steps to finishing spring-born bulls
Where spring-born bulls will be finished at 16 months of age, Kieran Mailey outlines 10 steps to transition animals through the final intensive feeding period.
3 February 2021 BETTER Farm NI
Adhering to recommended stocking rates central to animal performance
Overstocking pens will result in the intake potential of some animals being compromised and will dent potential performance.
2 November 2020 Buildings
BETTER Farm NI: 10 steps to bull beef finishing systems
Bull beef systems have been the most profitable throughout the programme. Kieran Mailey outlines some of the steps followed by the programme farmers when finishing bulls.
30 September 2020 BETTER Farm NI
BETTER Farm NI: 10 steps to finishing autumn born bulls
Kieran Mailey outlines 10 steps to managing autumn-born bulls during the intensive finishing period.
12 August 2020 BETTER Farm NI
Beef management: housing autumn-born bulls for intensive finishing
Bulls born during autumn 2019 that will be finished under 16 months old should now be ready for housing.
4 August 2020 Management
BETTER Farm NI: keeping breeding on track in Co Down
Paul and Thomas Jamison have been juggling breeding groups after two stock bulls had feet problems.
15 July 2020 BETTER Farm NI