Suckler crisis looming as costs spiral
Adam Woods
With record fertiliser and meal prices, many suckler farmers have chosen not to spread fertiliser. Adam Woods takes a look at the current situation on drystock farms.
22 April 2022 Schemes
Traditional hay meadows should be closed by now
There have been some queries regarding whether the closing date of 15 April had been extended in light of escalating input costs, but this is not the case.
22 April 2022 News
Fodder shortage forecast in the west as farmers cut back on fertiliser - IFA
The Mayo IFA county chair has called on immediate financial support from both the Government and the EU for farmers in the west of Ireland.
Farmer Writes: Russian snaps to fodder plans
Tommy Moyles thinks the fodder plan that swung into action in autumn 2018 as farmers dealt with an unprecedented drought and fodder crisis that spring, needs to be dusted off the shelf.
9 March 2022 Farmer Writes
Big improvement in soil fertility
Paddy Casey of Target Fertilisers, and John Clarke from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, analyse fertiliser use trends in Ireland.
2 February 2022 Fertilizers
Fertiliser costs could pose a 'real issue' to feed supplies - Senator
The European Commission has dispelled concerns that fertiliser supplies will be tight this year, citing the market incentive for manufacturers to supply sufficient quantities of the product.
21 January 2022 News