Grain Trends: prices lift into another volatility band
Andy Doyle
Recent currency movements have added to price volatility in grain markets.
27 September 2022 News
Oat growers of the year announced by Flahavan’s
Two farms took home the award for oat growers of the year in the conventional and organic oats categories.
21 September 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: volatility was high for the past week
Markets showed considerable volatility for the past week, but the trading band is now higher.
Tillage Podcast: varieties, beans harvest and more from Tramlines
On this week's show, Andy Doyle and Siobhán Walsh talk about varieties for winter cereal planting, grain markets, the Teagasc crops forum and much more.
15 September 2022 News
Grain Trends: markets flip upwards yet again
Concerns over global maize production and the Black Sea trade corridor continue to add volatility to grain markets
14 September 2022 Markets
Oats undervalued in animal feed
Oats are a great source of feed, but perception needs to change and a market built in order to increase the area grown for animals.
13 September 2022 News
Grain Trends: all prices lost a little ground this week
While MATIF remained relatively flat for the past week, all prices lost a little ground at the start of this week.
7 September 2022 Markets
Ration prices steady for September
There is some respite to rising input costs on livestock farms, with ration prices unchanged for September.
31 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Grain Trends: maize forecasts set market direction
Grain markets witnessed considerable volatility over the past week, with maize forecasts providing most of the influential news.
31 August 2022 Markets
Big wheat price drop fully reversed
Grain markets continue to exhibit seesaw movement as they display dramatic price movements down and up in two to three days.
24 August 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: big drop followed by bounce back
Grain market futures dropped to their lowest level for many months last Thursday, but have since recovered what they lost.
24 August 2022 Markets
Boortmalt harvest price continues to drop
The price used to develop the harvest price for Boortmalt suppliers dropped significantly last week.
23 August 2022 News