Is au pair care for seniors an option for you?
Margaret Hawkins
Do you or an elderly family member need some help or company at home in order to remain independent? If so, an au pair for seniors may be the answer. Margaret Hawkins reports.
26 October 2022 Features
Reader Writes: on my mother’s grave, I seen her
With Halloween upon us once again, Arthur Broomfield recounts a tale of terror on a very Irish farm on a very Irish night with a very Irish legend.
12 October 2022 Education
Adult education group AONTAS honoured with Hall of Fame award
AONTAS has been recognised for its contribution to adult education and learning.
From Kenya to Waterford to work in Irish farming
Irish farming is an attractive job option for international skilled workers, and there are ways to sponsor them to work on your farm, Fiona Alston writes.
5 October 2022 Careers
‘I’d lie awake at night trying to figure out how could I access their brains’
Mary Moran was over three decades teaching children to read before she was officially labelled a social entrepreneur through her Dcode Dyslexia books, writes Anne O’Donoghue.
5 October 2022 Living Life
Health at the Ploughing, from screening to help quitting smoking
Attending the National Ploughing Championships next week? Margaret Hawkins finds out about some of the health-related help that will be there
14 September 2022 Health