Northern Ireland
Profits up 32% at Fane Valley co-op
David Wright
Profits were boosted by the joint venture with ABP, however, this relationship is now at an end.
6 October 2021 News
Linden fully integrated into ABP
Linden Foods has become a full part of ABP, but will continue trading as Linden though they will no longer have to publish accounts.
25 August 2021 News
Slaney and ICM return to profit
Wexford Beef & Lamb Unlimited Company – the ABP-Fane Valley joint venture that controls Slaney and ICM – has returned to profit.
Emergency services called to fatal incident at Linden Foods factory
Emergency services were called in response to a major incident at Linden Foods' processing site outside Dungannon.
5 August 2021 News
USDA announces $500m for smaller meat processing businesses
US aims to increase processing competition by funding the development of smaller businesses outside the big four that control 80% of beef processing.
16 July 2021 News
Tight profits reported at Linden Foods
The NI based beef and sheep processor has reported operating profits of £2.15m.
14 July 2021 News
ABP cleared to complete Slaney-Linden deal
As expected, ABP secured clearance from the EU Commission to purchase the remainder of Linden and Slaney from Fane Valley.
7 July 2021 News
Making Brexit work for Fane Valley
Phelim O’Neill spoke to Fane Valley group chief executive Trevor Lockhart prior to the announcement that the joint venture with ABP was ending.
ABP dominates Irish cattle and sheep kill
ABP's buy out of Fane Valley strengthens its position as the dominant player in beef and sheep meat processing on the island of Ireland.
12 May 2021 News
ABP dominant in NI after Linden deal
A deal to acquire the remaining 50% stake in Linden Foods, leaves ABP as the main beef and lamb processor in NI
12 May 2021 News
ABP purchases Fane Valley interest in Slaney, ICM and Linden
The ABP Fane Valley joint venture will come to an end, with ABP taking Fane Valley's interest in Slaney, ICM and Linden.
12 May 2021 News
Long read: why do farmers and plcs struggle to run beef factories?
With ABP buying Fane Valley’s remaining interest in Slaney, ICM and Linden, Justin McCarthy examines the future for the sector and asks why can't farmers and plcs run successful processing factories
8 May 2021 Editorial