Climate and environment
Think about water quality before controlling rushes
Siobhán Walsh
Rushes need to be kept under control, but it is important to keep water quality in mind when tackling this job.
Improving biodiversity for higher payments and better drinking water quality
Decisions we make now can impact potential income from specific agri-environmental schemes in the years ahead, writes David McGilloway of the Department of Agriculture.
Source to Tap delivers big financial return
Preventing pollution in catchments is much more financially attractive than investing in water treatment works
Rush Control, red water and keeping an eye on stock bulls
Helpful tips and advice for drystock farms.
18 May 2022 Management
Sheep Management: weed control, safeguarding chemical use and tick control
The growth stage at which weeds are treated can have a big bearing on the success of treatment.
4 May 2022 Management