Farm Programmes
NI Sheep Programme: contrasting scanning performance for hill flocks
Darren Carty
Barren rates remain stubbornly high despite farmers adopting a suite of management practices focused at improving conception rates.
3 November 2021
Sheep breeding off to a good start on Tullamore Farm
Ewes have just completed their first breeding cycle with all ewes served and rams switched between single-sire mating groups.
25 August 2021 NI Sheep Programme
Getting ewes in the right condition for breeding
At a recent discussion group breeding, the main topic focused on managing ewe body condition in the run up to breeding. Kieran Mailey reports.
Drafting progressing nicely with 55 more lambs away on Tullamore Farm
This week’s kill means there are now 107, or 34.7%, of lambs drafted compared with 13.6% for the corresponding period in 2020.
24 July 2021 Tullamore Farm
Breeding ewe lambs can increase lifetime performance by €82
Naomi Rutherford and Aurélie Aubry, research scientists at AFBI, summarise the results of a lifetime performance trial which shows breeding ewe lambs delivers 1.22 more lambs compared to ewe hoggets.
21 July 2021 Sheep breeding
Sheep walk return welcomed by farmers
Last week’s Teagasc Grass 10 sheep walk drew much attention from sheep farmers keen to get back into the summer farm walk routine.
15 July 2021 News
NI Sheep Programme: drafting fat lambs and flock replacements in Tyrone
The workload has ramped up on Mark Davidson's farm outside Dungannon in June.
Sheep Management: store lamb presentation, tag retention and sheep genetics
The store lamb trade has started strongly,with the best prices paid where producers are presenting lambs in optimum condition.
23 June 2021 Management
NI Sheep Programme: positive scanning results for mid-season lambing
With scanning completed on the mid-season lambing flocks, ewes are now being housed for pre-lambing management.
10 February 2021 NI Sheep Programme
Donegal farm excelling through farm planning and performance monitoring
Teagasc BETTER Farm sheep programme manager Frank Campion and Teagasc business and technology adviser John Cannon review 10 years' performance on David and Linda McLaughin's farm.
22 December 2020 Management
NI Sheep Programme: using flock records to make breeding and culling decisions
Trevor Nixon has selected 129 ewes for breeding based on progeny weight performance this year.
30 September 2020 NI Sheep Programme
NI Sheep programme: 10 checks to complete pre-breeding
With the breeding period for mid-season lambing flocks still a month away, there is time to complete a few routine checks for ewes and rams. Kieran Mailey outlines 10 checks to consider.
23 September 2020 NI Sheep Programme