IFA potato report: planting finishing up in the south
Stephen Robb
IFA market report 13.04.22
15 March 2022 Neven
Neven Maguire: the whole bird
When it comes to making a dinner spread, you can't go too far wrong with a classic roast chicken. It is a favourite among kids and adults alike, writes Neven Maguire.
9 March 2022 Markets
IFA Potato Report: quality becoming an issue
IFA market report 18 January 2022.
19 January 2022 Markets
IFA potato report: trade for the processing variable
IFA market report 11 January 2022.
12 January 2022 Markets
IFA potato report: retail demand buoyant over Christmas
IFA market report 05 January 2022.
5 January 2022 Markets
Potato yields above average after good growing year
After a tricky start, potato crops enjoyed a good growing year, writes Stephen Robb.
29 December 2021 News
IFA Potato Report: festive period to bolster trade
IFA potato market report 08 December 2021
8 December 2021 Markets
10 November 2021 Markets
IFA potato report: concerns mount about rising input costs
Concerns are mounting among potato growers over the increase in input costs for the sector – IFA
20 October 2021 Markets
IFA potato report: yields described as average
IFA potato report 13 October 2021.
13 October 2021 Markets