Northern Ireland
Earthworm populations indicate soil health
Peter McCann
Biological activity within soils has benefits for soil structure, organic matter levels, water infiltration and plant growth.
10 steps to autumn reseeding grass swards
Where farmers are planning to reseed this autumn, Kieran Mailey outlines some steps to consider.
8 June 2022 Buildings
New Zealand-designed portable water troughs offering greater flexibility
A portable water trough system, designed in New Zealand for rotationally grazing bulls, could prove useful to Irish farmers.
Sheep management: grassland management, TAMS and safety precautions
Lamb performance frequently dips on many farms due to poor-quality grass in the pre and post-weaning period, potentially undoing the good work in early lactation.
1 June 2022 Management
NI Sheep Programme: New paddock system paying off
Antrim sheep farmers Karol and Peter McCaughan have set up a paddock system on an out-farm this spring. Kieran Mailey reports.
Managing grazing paddocks through heavy rain
With heavy and frequent showers forecast later this week, farmers should be taking steps to prevent sward damage.
17 May 2022 Management
Beginners' tips for setting up grazing paddocks
For farmers considering paddock grazing to improve grass utilisation, outlined are some tips to get up and running.
7 May 2022 Management
Using wire to grow and utilise more grass
With input costs experiencing a sharp hike in price, farmers need to make use of all options at their disposal including improving grazing infrastructure.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
NI Sheep Programme: making improvements to the grazing system
Improving grassland management has been a central theme on the programme farms. Kieran Mailey outlines some steps to improve grazing in the year ahead.
20 April 2022 Management
Managing clover in grazing and silage swards
During a recent grassland webinar, advice on managing clover swards was relayed to farmers. Kieran Mailey reports.
13 April 2022 Northern Ireland