Everything points to a downsizing of the Irish beef industry
Phelim O'Neill
A suckler cow cull is just the latest initiative that will lead to fewer suckler cows and reduced beef production in Ireland.
2 December 2022 News
Positive mood music doesn’t solve Brexit problem
EU response to UK legislation on NI Protocol was an inevitable political response, but negotiations will continue.
1 December 2022 Pedigree
Coolcran and Lisglass lead the way at Northern Ireland Simmental calf show
Shanon Kinahan reports from the second four-breed calf show which took place last Saturday 26 November at Dungannon, where Coolcran and Lisglass Simmentals both came out on top.
NI milk prices lag behind Europe’s best
Milk prices in NI have kept pace with Britain, but fall short of key European producers. Kieran Mailey reports.
30 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Poots in firing line over NI Protocol
Former DAERA Minister Edwin Poots set the direction for agricultural policy in NI, but is it all about to unravel?
30 November 2022 Northern Ireland
British turkeys ‘dropping like flies’ as bird flu ravages sector
The UK parliament heard a special inquiry into the impact avian influenza is having on its poultry sector on Tuesday.
30 November 2022 Poultry
UK wrestles with future EU relationship
Relative political stability and recession in the UK is triggering a look at Brexit but every solution brings its own problems.
23 November 2022 News
ABP UK launch £1.5m farm scheme
The aim of PRISM 2030 is to help farmers improve their carbon footprint and make their farms more sustainable.
23 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Updates from Argentina, United Kingdom, USA, and Australia.
23 November 2022 World
Mountain cattle up for the jab
A TB vaccine programme may be considered for the cattle grazing the Wicklow uplands but it’ll mean they won’t end up in beef.
23 November 2022 News
NI missing out on debate over new CAP
A new system of CAP payments in the EU comes into play from 1 January 2023.
23 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Ireland backs ‘Agriculture Breakthrough’ at COP27
Ireland was one of four countries to join an agreement at COP27 which aims to drive investment in agricultural research in order to address the challenges of food insecurity.
20 November 2022 News