51 pilgrimages to Lourdes
Dubliner turned west Cork resident, Jacqueline Maguire, begins her 51st pilgrimage to Lourdes this week. Her friend Philip Joyce recounts her story.
17 August 2022 Features
Finding a passion for cheese-making in the Lost Valley
In the heart of the Lost Valley, Mike Parle and Darcie Mayland have found a passion for farming and cheese-making, writes Maria Moynihan.
10 August 2022 Features
Travel: Searching for whales off the West Cork coast
Liam Clancy indulges his inner Attenborough on a trip with Whale Watch West Cork.
Growing resilient gardens with Two Green Shoots
At their West Cork forest paradise, Kloë Wood Lyndorff and Adam Carveth- AKA Two Green Shoots- are encouraging visitors to create more diverse- and delicious- gardens, writes Maria Moynihan.
27 July 2022 Features
Rise Series: finding resilience and gratitude while living with cancer
As part of the “Rise” series exploring personal resilience in challenging circumstances, Maria Moynihan talks to Mairéad O’Sullivan about how she finds gratitude in every day while living with cancer.
18 May 2022 Features