Northern Ireland
NI beef price 40p//kg ahead of ROI
Kieran Mailey
A price gap close to 40p/kg has opened in favour of prime cattle processed in NI over animals sold through plants in the Republic of Ireland.
9 November 2022 Markets
NI Trends: beef prices hold firm as kill hits record levels; lamb trade robust
Cattle throughput at NI abattoirs reached record levels last week, but prices are holding firm. The lamb trade is also seeing robust demand underpinning prices.
19 October 2022 Markets
NI Trends: factories focusing on prime cattle kill; lamb prices on the rise
Beef processors are prioritising prime cattle for Christmas orders, but prices remain steady. Demand for fat lambs is on the rise and prices are improving.
NI Trends: prime cattle steady but more life in cow trade; lamb quotes rising
There is no real change to factory prices on prime cattle, but cull cows and fat lambs are an improving trade.
12 October 2022 Markets
Beef Trends: factories apply pressure to trade
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including the latest factory quotes for finished stock.
5 October 2022 Markets
Ni trends: Factories leave finished cattle prices unchanged, lamb trade steadies
There is no movement on beef prices in Northern Ireland this week, with a steady outlook in the sheep trade also.
5 October 2022 Markets
Completing a winter finishing budget for young bulls
Higher feed costs will have a significant bearing on the break-even cost of finishing young bulls next spring. Kieran Mailey reports.
28 September 2022 Northern Ireland
NI Trends: tight supplies underpin cattle prices; fat lamb trade steadies
There is no change to prime cattle prices in Northern Ireland, with factory lambs also holding firm.
21 September 2022 Markets
NI Trends: beef price holds firm as supplies tighten; lamb price improving
Beef prices in Northern Ireland are holding firm, with some indications of tight supplies. Lamb prices continue to harden as the live trade improves.
14 September 2022 Markets
NI Trends: price deals on offer for prime heifers; lamb price recovers
The beef trade in Northern Ireland is relatively steady, but there is scope to bargain for higher prices on heifers. Lamb prices have increased by 10p/kg after several weeks of pressure.
7 September 2022 Markets
Beef Trends: kill up with prices steady
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including the latest factory quotes for finished cattle.
31 August 2022 Markets
Factories must deliver stronger beef prices - IFA
UK prices have started to increase again and prices in the EU remain significantly above Irish prices, the IFA said.
29 August 2022 News