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Spring has sprung and this picture taken at Murlough Beach in Co Down by JD Photography @its_a_hiking_thing has us looking forward to brighter days, walks on the beach and refreshing swims in the sea.

Rural Rhymes

Reader Niamh Kelly sent in this beautiful poem with the following message:

“I was inspired by the segments on Local Treasures sent in by other readers over the past few months. It encouraged me to also look at the wonderful spots in my own 5km and to appreciate them more. I have spent more time on the local beach; walking and admiring the scenery, both during the sunny days but also, the wet and colder days when the beach is less busy. I wrote the attached poem after a walk on the beach when the wind was causing the waves to be rougher than usual.

“Thank you and the Irish Country Living team for providing inspiring and uplifting content to so many readers during the lockdowns and reminding us to remain positive.”

White Horses

They race to the harbor wall

Under the midnight moon,

Enjoying their freedom

For dawn is soon.

Powerful and beautiful

The white horses are,

Galloping for miles

Near and far.

Flaming coral is their hooves,

Emerald seaweed their manes,

Eyes of pearl catch sight

Of a dawn of burning flames.

Rising upon peaks

Of bubbling foam,

The sea breeze running past

Makes them feel at home.

They hear the distant sound

Of human voice,

Darting quickly away

For they have no choice.

The rising sun

Glistens upon the waves,

Gone behind the rocks,

They play in underwater caves.

For there is a secret

To be kept locked away,

That is why,

The white horses ran away.

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Chef Janine’s Tip

Making your own pickles may seem daunting, but the method is completely straightforward. I use a basic pickling liquid for all of my pickles and, depending on what I’m pickling, will adjust flavours to complement. With pickles you plan to eat right away, there’s no need to preserve in jars – just make them in a mixing bowl and refridgerate once they’re at room temperature. My basic pickling liquid base is: 250ml apple cider vinegar, 250ml water, 1 tbsp sea salt, 1 tbsp brown or white sugar. Bring to a boil, remove from the heat and pour the hot liquid directly over washed and chopped vegetables. This works for every vegetable except broccoli (broccoli is terrible pickled). I’m going to pickle some rhubarb this week and will flavour the liquid (before boiling) with split red chillies, whole star anise, cloves and bay leaf.

Photo of the week

Giddy-up: Inspired by Rachael Blackmore’s success in Cheltenham last week, young Sadhbh O’Brien aged four months from Co Meath is already in training for Cheltenham 2040.

Number of the Week


the number of races Rachael Blackmore won in Cheltenham to land the leading jockey title. Read more on page 32

Quote of the Week

From Christina Sellars

I also have a one-year-old Aberdeen Angus bullock called Kevin. He’s so cute and fluffy. He has two “henchmen” called Terry and Jerry. I enjoy them so much. I love life on my farm.