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Hard at it! This is Ms Sibéál from Tipperary and we love her mam, Ger’s, Instagram account @gevaldine. Ger’s a farmer’s wife, a mother of four and an aspiring photographer who captures the beauty of everyday life on the farm.

Rural Rhymes


Nature lies still, dormant

wakening from slumber.

The last thaw of the final snow,

the blackbird rising

catches his early worm.

The soft rain falling slowly

on land perished from inclement frost,

soil supple becometh.

Green shoots rise up sporadic.

Watching the earths awakening rebirth.

New born lambs

bleating faintly they cry out,

Fragile, they find their feet,

Dancing nimbly in the green lush fields.

Seeking pastures new.

Snowdrops glistening

in the hard cold freeze.

Morning dew falling from her petal.

They droop lowly

gazing at the earthly land.

Spring sun shining through my window.

A Sweet Blackbird’s song

resonates in my heart.

When spring gentle voice calls .

My sleepy soul awakens.

– By Ciaran Guckian

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Six-year-old Orla Petrie showing her Colour the Countryside art work.

Home economics with Katherine O’Leary

The flexible tub is your friend

Sorting laundry is one of those never-ending household chores. It is time consuming and repetitious. Get organised: avoid putting the clean laundry into one big basket. Get a flexi-tub or some sort of vessel for each member of the household. Buy the average-sized flexi-tubs; they are often on offer in supermarkets. One is enough for family members who share a room. It is also an opportunity to involve children and teenagers in looking after their own things. They will learn quickly which tub is theirs and so avoid rummaging and scattering laundry. Reduce your workload! Encourage the children to collect the tub and put away their own laundry.

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Number of the Week


In the Republic of Ireland today, there are about 3,500 students in boarding school education, approximately 2,000 of those are boys.

Quote of the Week

From Lauren Ennis, on our My Country Living page this week:

If I had social media when I was younger and I saw a girl a bit older than me working in agriculture, seeing lads trying to bring her down and her not letting it affect her, then I’d have a bit more confidence in myself and know it’s wrong