Father and son team Charlie and Peter Copeland milk 580 cows on a 183ha milking platform (3.16 cows/ha) in Clifden in Southland. In search of a securer financial future for his family, Charlie originally converted the 250ha family sheep farm in Lumsden to dairy in the year 2000 and milked 680 cows there. He sold that farm in 2006 and bought the current farm 100km further south, which receives more consistent summer rainfall.

The Copelands also bought 150ha three kilometres away which is used to rear heifers (180 per year) and supply winter feed to the dairy herd. This farm was used to winter cows on crops, but in 2012 the Copelands spent $750,000 (€465,000 or €770/cow) building a polytunnel-type wintering shed capable of housing 600 cows.