The Agricultural Science Association (ASA) has launched its 2022-2023 fellowship programme, which will support one successful applicant in their further study of a topic within the agricultural sector over the coming year.

The programme grants the fellow €10,000 to develop their knowledge of the subject and to enhance the public’s access to this scientific knowledge.

Full ASA members are eligible to apply once they have completed at least five years working in the agri-food sector.

The programme is sponsored by FBD and applicants are invited to select from one of the following areas of study in which to complete their work: sustainable agriculture; soil science and carbon sequestration; food for health; and agriculture and food economics.

The programme had been run for the first time last year, when researcher Laurence Shalloo scooped the prize.

Learning from experts

ASA president George Ramsbottom stated that the ideal candidate for the fellowship will have a strong interest in their field and will be encouraged to promote the knowledge they receive with the wider public over the course of the programme.

“We are looking for an ambitious, energetic and passionate individual who has a genuine interest in making a massive impact within our industry to become the ASA fellow,” he said.

Opportunities will be provided for the fellow to learn from global leaders in their area of study, he added.

“The successful candidate will be given the opportunity to enhance their existing scientific knowledge by learning from experts around the world, gaining a global outlook on their chosen theme.

“They will be encouraged to promote and integrate scientific knowledge and data into relatable communications in order to become a strong ambassador for the Irish agri-food industry,” said Ramsbottom.


FDD Trust chair Michael Berkery reiterated the company’s commitment to the initiative at the launch of this year’s programme, stating that the fellowship will promote innovation in the agri-food sector.

“FBD is delighted to continue our partnership with the ASA for the 2022-2023 fellowship,” commented Berkery.

“As Ireland’s leading farm insurer, we are committed to supporting the advancement of the Irish agricultural sector, so we are proud to work with the ASA on a fellowship that encourages innovation, forward thinking and knowledge sharing in order to drive excellence in the industry.

“This fellowship is a fantastic opportunity and we look forward to appointing the 2022-2023 fellow,” he concluded.