Rural Rhymes

The Saddest Story

There’s a grave in Knockshegowna

not far from Rossmore town,

where a child so sweet is buried

in her snow-white angel’s gown.

Aine, she was christened,

in the parish church of Screen,

on a day that’s long remembered,

the finest ever seen.

T’was in the blessed month of June,

the summer’s longest day,

the sun so hot it cracked the stones.

the women heaped the turf

and the farmers saved the hay.

Father Paddy he baptized her,

made the cross with holy water

upon the baby’s tender head,

Jim and Ellen’s first-born daughter.

Some stories end up happy,

some beyond belief.

If men had hearts of stone or bronze

they’d not control the grief

that swept that noble parish

when the word spread like a thief

Aine’s life’s been stolen, that now I tell to you

five years from her baptism, by Europe’s Spanish flu.

My story’s told way better

by one that stands alone,

for all to be reminded,

her name writ bold upon it,

Aine’s sad headstone.

Dr Arthur Broomfield is a poet and Beckett scholar from Ballyfin, Portlaois, County Laois. His book “Ireland Calling” is available for purchase.

Tweet of the Week

Instagram Inspiration

Oh the joy of summer! Feeds were inundated with beautiful pictures in the sun last weekend, including this shot of O’Carroll’s Cove in Co Kerry taken by @igwhereami

The digital creator took the four-and-a-half hour trip from Dublin last weekend to their favourite beach in Kerry just to capture this picture by drone and this travel account has lots of fabulous shots of Ireland.

Photo of the Week

Race to the top: Hunor and Shadow sprinting to the finish at Ballanesker, Co Wexford. \ Denis Cloney.

Number of the Week


The number of years since the Irish Patchwork Society was formed. They now have six branches and 350 active members for a few more numbers.

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Quote of the Week

From president of UCDSU, Ruairí Power:

Most students want affordable, safe and a relatively decent standard of accommodation, but they don’t need luxury accommodation. They want a place to sleep and to have a desk to do some study.