Letter to the Editor

Hi Amii

I hope you are well and had a good summer, it’s amazing how quick the year has flown by! Hugh is 10 months now, he is crawling and almost walking and doing really well, he has changed our lives utterly and brought so much joy!

You may be aware that recent information shows that they (Government) will not be including international surrogacy in the upcoming Assisted Human Reproduction Legislation, but they are planning to establish a committee to examine the issue further. We, Irish Families Through Surrogacy, believe this is unacceptable. The first government committee was established in 2000 (21 years ago), so we believe they have had plenty of time to consider.

We have been working with the leading legal experts in Ireland in the area (both academic and practising lawyers), who have written to the government and we presented a letter to the Dáil last week.

The upcoming legislation really needs to take account of the reality of the hundreds of Irish children born through surrogacy who are denied a legal relationship with one parent.

We also have had a lot of media support in revert weeks – Rosanna Davison, Mark from Westlife and others as well as ‘ordinary’ mams and dads have been on local and national media.

Hugh and the hundreds of other Irish children would really appreciate if you could highlight this.

Gillian Lynch

To read the full letter that was presented to Government by Irish Families Through Surrogacy, click here.

Tweet of the Week

Chef Janine’s Tip

Have you started making your Christmas cakes yet? I love to let my mine age for a minimum of six weeks before finishing with marzipan and boozy buttercream. Here’s how I age my cakes (for a complete Christmas cake recipe, with video, click here):

Once your cake is baked and cooled, take some muslin or cheesecloth and soak it in 250ml rum, whiskey or brandy until the cloth has absorbed all the liquid. Wrap the cake in the soaked cloth. Next, wrap the cloth/cake tightly in cling film. Finally, wrap the cling film/cloth/cake in a layer of tin foil (this stops the cake from being exposed to light). Place this in a cold room or your fridge until you’re ready to decorate.

Instagram Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration to get the little ones in your life reading a bit more, Piled High Books (@piledhighbooks) is a great account to follow. Primary teacher Elsa who runs the page is passionate about both education and books and so has the intel you need for recommendations. With literature for small babies right through to the teenage reader, the account is a handy one to have coming into the Christmas-shopping season.

Number of the Week

51 - the average age that menopause begins.

Picture of the Week

Happy helpers: Jack, Aaron and Darragh Hurley from Threecastles, Co Kilkenny, enjoying the autumn sun sitting on their daddy's zero-grazed grass.

Quote of the Week

From Jano Evans on supporting other local businesses:

It’s amazing, it’s nearly one person leads to the next because they are so willing to help. There’s this mutual respect when you’re setting up your business