Rural Rhymes

Confusion Dot Com.

By Paddy Egan

It’s frustrating what modern technology has done

It has re-drawn our vocabulary, could we call it a pun

The words of hi-tech are a little confusing

Some we understand while we find others amusing.

Twitter is a word still used by the birds

And Google is a reminder of baby’s first words

The web was a place that a spider called home

And world wide applied if he wanted to roam.

Facebook is useful to look up our kin

But it sounds like the book we kept our photos in

An iPod was package where we found garden peas

Now a plaything for children, a kind of disease.

A text was a passage we read from a book

But now it reads more like gobbledygook

An e-mail was a letter delivered by hand

And Cyber! The study of humans and life on the land.

On line was a wire for hanging out clothes

And u-tube was what the doctor pushed up in the nose

Internet brings a message from me unto you

But it is also something a fish shouldn’t do.

A dongle has a ring that sounds like a bell

A mouse used to squeak but now he can click just as well

We have Pinterest and and a selection of blogs

Our beautiful language is just gone to the dogs!

Picture of the week

“To be fair, a lovely man, very giving of his time.” High praise from Kilkenny woman Dr Anne Marie Butler two weeks after the All-Ireland hurling final. Anne Marie is mother to Keelin and Senan, pictured in Bella Italia, Italy with John Kiely, the Limerick hurling manager.

Home management tip

Katherine O’Leary

If you have not already done so, get the school books and necessary provisions for school. Don’t leave it to the last minute as you will be wasting time queuing unnecessarily. Try to plan for the extra expense of school for September. Make double dinners at every opportunity and freeze them for September evenings. This will allow you to have more time to focus on homework and getting the children into their school-year routines. Talk to your children and agree the daily chore list for each child and put it up on the wall. It is valuable to give the student who’s doing exams the week days off. It gives them the message that you are supportive and in their corner. In a busy household, it is important to have the co-operation of the whole family to help manage the housework.

Growing wild

with Dr Catherine Keena, Teagasc countryside management specialist

Bird's foot trefoil.

Look out for Bird’s foot trefoil with clusters of bright golden yellow flowers, tinged with red or orange with irregular petals. Beneath three ‘trefoil’ leaflets, there is an extra pair of leaflets near the stalk. Like other legumes of the pea family, bird’s foot trefoil roots in association with bacteria fix atmospheric nitrogen, enriching soil. It is the foodplant of the dingy skipper and common blue butterflies. Around fifty species of bees have been observed visiting bird’s foot trefoil. Arranged like a bird’s foot, the seed pods give its name to bird’s foot trefoil – part of our native Irish biodiversity.

Tweet of the week

Number of the week: 200,000

The number of Irish people with impending heart failure.

Quote of the week

More often than not, online returns are land-filled rather than resold. So in the age of the influencer, [the practice] of social media hauls is becoming a very wasteful issue.

Lynn Haughton, The Upcycle Movement.