The great resignation? No! it’s actually the great re-evaluation
Amii McKeever
Major life decisions are often made as a result of following the lead of peers and parents. A farming career is pretty much dependent on this but will young people re-evaluate?
11 May 2022 Health
Colic: it's crying time... again
Colic affects one in five babies and the constant crying can make life very stressful for a family, so what can be done? Margaret Hawkins writes.
11 May 2022 Features
‘People sometimes stop me when out and about asking, ‘Are you that cowgirl?!’’
In a new series profiling international farmers, Maria Moynihan talks to Becky Houzé, who is the youngest dairy farmer on the island of Jersey.
Is your farm family Ireland’s fittest family?
Applications for Ireland’s Fittest Family are now open and farm families have a tradition of success on the show.
6 May 2022 Living Life
Mental health: The 10 signs that you might be in a co-dependent relationship
Psychotherapist and director of Enda Murphy explores what makes a co-dependent relationship; and explains the 10 warning signs that you might be in one.
4 May 2022 Features
Succession: ‘This is not the time to be talking about the farm after I die!’
Many families will try to avoid argument and conflict but there is a cost involved in this type of conformity particularly when it comes to farm succession, writes Paul Keogh.
4 May 2022 News
Katherine's Country: life goes on
It is important to plan for the time when you have to be away from the farm. While navigating grief, Katherine O’Leary realises that life is different and changed.
27 April 2022 Katherine O'Leary
My sister does not want to invite our father to her wedding
Dear Miriam, my sister does not want to invite our father to her wedding.
27 April 2022 Ask Miriam
Backchat: Burren Girl comes home
Burren Girl documentary to receive its Irish premiere in Doolin next week
27 April 2022 Features
Musings by Cormac Troy: The inimitable 80s, the best decade of all time!
We can often see the past through rose tinted glasses. Cormac Troy muses over his favourite decade, when he came of age – the 1980s.
20 April 2022 Features
I feel like my marriage is now over
Dear Miriam, after over 40 years, I feel like my marriage is over; what should I do?
20 April 2022 Ask Miriam
Dear Miriam: My mother-in-law is stressing me out before my son's communion
My mother-in-law wants to attend our son’s communion, even though the priest says that only parents and siblings can attend.
13 April 2022 Ask Miriam