Backchat: family fun around a board game
Make special memories that will last long after the Christmas tree comes down by bringing back the humble board game, writes Margaret Leahy.
29 November 2023 Gardening
Gardening with Gerry: brightening the last days of autumn
The Golden daisy bush can tolerate light frost and is very easy to grow. The flowers are very pretty and lively, writes Gerry Daly.
22 November 2023 News
Finance: now is the time to think about your 2024 financial reboot
It's time to consider how you can best fill the gaps in your family's financial plan for 2024.
Travel: your carriages await...
Travelling by rail is one of the nicest ways to experience Europe. It showcases gorgeous scenery, historic routes and adventures at a slower pace – it’s a great way for all the family to see the world
8 November 2023 Travel
Living Life: 'let not the sun go down upon your anger'
In an extract from her latest book, Alice Taylor reflects on the importance of forgiveness in families.
11 October 2023 Features
Katherine's Country: a run of weddings
It was a busy wedding season in the O'Leary household as Kathering O'Leary recounts the four beautiful weddings she attended across the summer and autumn months.
4 October 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Readers write: Granny flats, gender reveals and vacuum cleaners
This week, Miriam hears from readers in relation to some recent conundrums; from whether or not it's a good idea to move in beside the in-laws to receiving a hoover for a significant birthday.
27 September 2023 Ask Miriam
'Start as you mean to go on'
This week, Miriam hears from two readers in response to a recent letter from a reader who was feeling pressure to move in to a granny flat beside her boyfriend's parents.
20 September 2023 Ask Miriam
'I needed to add value to what I had on the farm'
Having travelled the world, the desire to be on his farm full-time in Co Laois inspired Kevin Scully to set up The Merry Mill, writes Maria Moynihan
13 September 2023 Features
'My family bought me a hoover for my birthday'
This week, Miriam responds to a reader who was left disappointed by the gift that her family chose for her significant birthday.
6 September 2023 Ask Miriam
Memoirs: Write here, write now
Earlier this year, memoir mentor Maureen Boyle set readers the challenge of recording their life stories through prose and poetry. Maria Moynihan selects just some of the memories so generously shared
6 September 2023 Features
Gardening: I'm walking on sunshine
The sunflower is a well loved plant and for many worthy reasons, writes Gerry Daly.
30 August 2023 Gardening