A Nugent 8x4 trailer and Yamaha Kodiak 459 quad have been stolen from the farm yard of Pat Murphy outside Cahir, Co Tipperary.

The trailer and quad were stolen from the yard at some stage between late on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Gardaí have been notified.

Murphy is appealing for information on the stolen farm property and encouraged all farmers to be vigilant.


Murphy first noticed that his trailer was missing from the yard on Wednesday morning but initially thought it had been borrowed by a neighbour.

After a number of calls to neighbouring farmers, he became concerned that it had instead been stolen. He immediately reported the missing trailer to Gardaí.

On Wednesday afternoon, Murphy said he “went down the yard to see if anyone had left the trailer back” and then noticed that the quad was also missing.

“I hadn’t used the quad that morning as the cattle only went into the shed the day before,” he said.

“The trailer and quad were in two completely separate places and neither was visible from the road.”

He said the key was not in the quad and presumes the thieves pushed it into the trailer before making their getaway.

The Yamaha Kodiak 459 quad model which was taken from the yard of Pat Murphy outside Cahir.


Murphy said the left tail light on the Nugent trailer is damaged he has serial numbers for both it and the Yamaha Kodiak 459 quad.

He said his house is a “couple of hundred yards” from the yard and while the theft could have occurred at any stage between late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, his wife heard their dog barking loudly at about 5am. He said it is likely the theft occurred at that stage.

Farmers across the country are encouraged to watch out for the stolen property which may be offered for resale elsewhere.

Anyone with information can call Pat Murphy on 086-838 2899 or Cahir Garda Station on 052-744 5630.