Aurivo Co-op Mart in Ballinrobe, Co Mayo, held its weekly general cattle sale on Wednesday 2 March with almost 200 cattle forward.

The demand for short-keep cattle was evident, with both heifers and bullocks over 500kg up €15/head to €20/ head on the previous week.

This 480kg Charolais heifer, born July 2020, sold for €1,310 (€2.73/kg).

This saw better-quality continental heifers over 500kg making €2.60/kg to €2.80/kg, while the best-quality bullocks in the same weight bracket were making €2.60/kg to €2.75/kg.

This Charolais heifer, born May 2020, weighed 540kg and sold for €1,480 (€2.74/kg).

Bullocks from 400kg to 500kg were also in high demand at an average price of €2.64/kg, while the top third averaged €2.92/kg.

Weanling bulls were also met with a brisk trade, which was more evident for bulls carrying decent weight.

This July 2020-born bullock weighed 495kg and sold for €1,360 (€2.75/kg).

Bulls over 400kg averaged €2.80/kg, with top-quality lots exceeding €3/kg on numerous occasions. Those weighing 300kg to 400kg averaged €2.68/kg, while lighter bull calves 200kg to 300kg averaged €2.82/kg.

This April 2021-born Charolais bullock weighed 435kg and sold for €1,220 (€2.80/kg).

Weanling heifer numbers were small, but quality lots demanded top prices. Heifers weighing 200kg to 300kg averaged €2.75/kg, with €3/kg to €3.10/kg available at the top of the market.

This April 2021-born Charolais bullock weighed 455kg and sold for €1,490 (€3.27/kg).

Heifers from 300kg to 400kg averaged €2.70/kg, while the top third in this weight band averaged €2.90/kg.