DNA registration needs to happen
Adam Woods
Adam Woods summarises some of the discussion from the THRIVE open day which took place in Cashel this week.
NI milk league: Glanbia Ireland dominates 1m litre leagues
Glanbia Ireland leads the NI milk league analysis for a 1m litre annual supply.
NI milk league: Glanbia Ireland retains top spot for June
The NI milk league sees Glanbia Ireland again paying the highest price for milk supplied in June.
Arrabawn Co-op leads June milk price payout
June milk price is an important benchmark as it marks the downward supply descent for spring milk producers.
27 July 2022 Markets
Base milk prices getting close to 45p/l
There has been an across the board price increase in NI for milk supplied during June
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
June milk supply back again compared to 2021
Milk supply for most of the milk processors in Ireland remained down for June compared to the same month in 2021 as farmers reduce costs.
13 July 2022 News
Dairygold pushes on to lead in May
With dairy commodity markets generally remaining strong in light of reduced supply and continued demand, the co-ops are passing back more to suppliers in May.
6 July 2022 News
Aurivo Co-op gives farmers up to €400 for fertiliser
The support will apply to fertiliser and lime and is available to all the co-op’s Homeland store customers.
1 July 2022 News
Heavy income hit with fixed price milk
Farmers are incurring significant reductions in income on milk committed under fixed-price schemes during 2022.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
NI milk league: lower solids take edge off 1m litre price rises
Production peaks in May, but it means that milk solids are at their lowest for the year.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
NI Milk League: five months on top for Glanbia Ireland
Glanbia Ireland continues to dominate NI milk leagues, having finished on top for May.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Galway farmers land top prize at Aurivo milk quality awards
The Galway natives will now represent Aurivo in at the NDC and Kerrygold quality milk awards.
11 June 2022 News