Corvus recently unveiled an electric 4x4 utility vehicle (UTV) which it says is newly designed from the ground up.

Claiming to be Europe’s first manufacturer of 4x4 UTVs, the Spanish firm has fitted a 15kW lithium-ion battery to the new model.

The EX4 has a payload capacity of 620kg and a towing capacity of 755kg in low and 479kg in high. The steel cargo box features a 300kg load capacity, while other storage includes a front boot and under-seat compartments.

The EX4 has a top speed of 40km/h and is road legal. It has a dual power selector for ‘Range’ and ‘Power’ which allows you to select electronically the right driving mode for the job at hand.

With a 309mm ground clearance, all EX4 models come with a cab, windscreen, three-point belts, indicators, headlamps and brake lights, horn, mirrors and windshield wipers. Available in white, orange or green, prices start at €29,500 plus VAT.