All eyes in the Irish Farm Centre will be on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar next Tuesday evening when he sits down to dine with the IFA after its AGM. I don’t think the IFA offers vegetarian options at these gigs, so Leo better mark Tuesday down as that day of the week when he allows himself to eat a good steak.

His timing was perfect, as January is the only month of the year when we are all permitted to confess openly how we are going to do this, that and the other to be more pure. Leo didn’t miss the trick to harness that Veganuary feeling and reach out to the millennial vote. But politics is all about choreography. The very next day, opposition TDs handed Varadkar the perfect opportunity to calm those who eat their dinner while listening to the one o’clock news by declaring his love of Hereford beef too. It was a tidy bit of pan-spectrum electioneering and harmless headline-making even Bertie Ahern would have been proud of.