I like to think that we all love trifle but whether we do or don’t, it still sings of Christmas traditions. Trifle isn’t a dish to make in a hurry. It does require a bit of patience, as each layer needs time in the fridge to set, but it’s always worth the effort. I have fond memories of my grandmother’s trifle – my dad’s mum, Granny Callaghan. She always made an enormous trifle for Christmas. I remember that she liked to decorate it with those little edible silver balls that were so popular in the 1970s. They looked wonderful, but you could break a tooth if you weren’t careful. But it does create a fond Christmas memory.

In my mind, this is also the time of year for a red velvet cake. There’s something very operatic and dramatic about this cake. Perhaps it’s the colour, the lusciousness of the icing or it’s just in the name. This is definitely a recipe to roll out as it gets closer to Christmas and you are hosting your glamorous dinner parties – even if it’s just a dinner party for one. My recipe is, as always, gluten and wheat free.