To say that Daniella Moyles has been bitten by the travel bug is an understatement. Though she has visited over 50 countries, the model and broadcaster is still searching for new experiences

“Every single country has equal appeal to me, whether it’s Japan or Iraq. I’m not even joking – I want to see every single little island. I want to go to every single country,” she says.

“You think of travel as something you do when you’re young and you grow out of, but I don’t know if I can foresee that happening for me. I don’t tend to lose the itch, I get it even more.”

fully charged

Having left her role as presenter on Spin 1038’s Fully Charged breakfast show earlier this year, Daniella now plans to dedicate her time to travelling and blogging for The Travel Two, which she runs with friend Martin Gaughan. They are hoping to launch a TV travel show on the back of the website.

“It’s a passion project, I really love it. You see all those quotes about doing the things you love: this is what I’m attempting with this,” she says.

“They (Spin) were very flexible, but I just made the decision myself that I was going to do two years of the breakfast show, which I did, and leave to either focus on the blog or travel. I’ll kind of do both in a way.

future plans

“I’m excited about the future with the blogging and putting some energy into it and getting some projects off the ground.

“It was a risky, kind of scary decision to make. I really loved my job in radio as well. I thought I’d regret it if I didn’t try.”

Describing her family as “homebirds”, a trip to Thailand at the age of 17 was the beginning of her love affair with travel.

“I remember it being really impactful and learning so much and seeing so much that was different to how I grew up,” she says. “We didn’t just do the full-moon party, we went to Chiang Mai up north and we really tried to get into the cultural side of it, which is what I really like.

value of travel

“I don’t really like all-inclusive resorts … I’m not a big fan of going somewhere and learning nothing and seeing nothing new. I suppose it was just so exotic to me and I really saw the value of travelling.”

Daniella is also a strong advocate for solo travel, and estimates that 40% of her trips are on her own.

“It’s quite interesting, the angle of the solo female traveller. For the most part I’ll be travelling with Martin, or my boyfriend and my friends.

“I do prefer being able to share it, but saying that I’d never not go on a trip because someone wasn’t available to go. I’m quite impulsive and impatient in that regard,” she adds.

where to next?

Where to next for Daniella? She plans on spending the summer in Barcelona, Spain, and other trips to Italy and Egypt, as well as possibly the Philippines and South America. Fairly standard.

“I’d a list full of things I’d like to achieve, so I’m going to try and put some energy into making that happen this year,” she says. “For the most part I’ll just be on the beach …” CL

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