Travel: a weekend away in the Wild West
Sarah McIntosh
Located at the south-east corner of Clew Bay, Westport is the perfect destination for an active weekend away while taking in the scenic wild west landscape, writes Sarah McIntosh.
12 June 2024 Living Life
Agri Careers: Master’s degree - is it worth the money?
With a master’s degree now costing up to €25,000, it’s time to look at the important factors to consider before making a final decision, writes Sarah McIntosh.
29 May 2024 Living Life
Celebrating literary love in Carlow
Ahead of the Borris Festival of Writing and Ideas, writer and presenter Olivia O’Leary talks to Olivia Hamilton about a lifetime in journalism and the path of poetry for women.
Roscommon singer's debut album set to bloom
Growing up on a farm has influenced singer Ciara Lawless. Now she is ready to bloom with the release of her debut album, writes Deirdre Verney.
29 May 2024 Living Life
Chef Anna Haugh: 'dairy was always a huge part of our diet'
For Anna Haugh, cooking is in her bones and sharing is her nature. Now, in her debut cookbook, she shares recipes that come straight from the heart and her family table, writes Dee Laffan.
22 May 2024 Living Life
Savour the moment with food festivals
What’s better than a festival of food to tantalise your taste buds? As Ireland’s vibrant culinary scene comes to life, Grace Hanna dives into a smorgasbord of festivals to get your teeth into.
22 May 2024 Living Life
The Book Corner: fans of 'One Day' will be eager to read Nicholls' new novel
A touching tale of finding love and connection in nature, Leo Powell chats about his book of the month 'You Are Here' by David Nicholls.
15 May 2024 Living Life
Femme frequency: ‘the women and their stories on the podcast are incredible’
Sarah Benner and Caroline Lyons are on a mission to spotlight inspiring women with powerful stories on the island of Ireland with their What a Woman Podcast, writes Dee Laffan.
8 May 2024 Living Life
Balladeer: the ‘Spanish lady’ became a euphemism for the woman of the night
The Spanish lady we frequently sing about was an avid traveller dressed in finery, writes Eoghan Corry.
8 May 2024 Living Life
Air we go: home away from home
If you’ve never rented an Airbnb before, what are you waiting for? Havens of comfort and independence for couples, families or solo travellers await – here are 10 in Ireland, writes Claire Murrihy.
8 May 2024 Living Life
Memoirs: ‘Bob Hoskins later bought our London place’
May reminds me of a time I had London at my feet, living with a strange and wonderful mix of people, writes Maureen Boyle.
1 May 2024 Living Life
Paws and relax
Pack the pooch and give your dog the holiday they truly deserve in one of these 12 stunning, pet-friendly locations around the country, writes Claire Murrihy.
1 May 2024 Living Life