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Diversification ‘key’ to farming’s share of emissions cuts - Minister Ryan
Noel Bardon
The Minister for the Environment sees big potential for farmers with anaerobic digestion and forestry.
Farm-fresh gelato from the Cooley Peninsula
1 January 2024 Diversification
Farm-fresh gelato from the Cooley Peninsula
Agricultural science student Micheal John Hanlon from County Louth talks about diversifying his farm and the journey that has led him to making farm-fresh gelato.
Up to €1,200/ac to lease farmland to solar developers
2 August 2023 News
Up to €1,200/ac to lease farmland to solar developers
Sites of around 150ac to 200ac in scale could be made up by a number of neighbouring farmers renting land to solar developers, Teagasc's energy specialist told a recent farm walk.
Horticulture challenges: Mother Nature, input costs and labour shortages
Horticulture farmers share their views on labour, input costs and changing weather patterns as the main challenges facing the sector.
5 July 2023 News
Embracing sustainability on Footprint Farms
By adopting sustainable social, economic and environmental practices now, we not only pave the way for a brighter future but can also reap immediate benefits, writes Emma Hart PhD, conservation ecologist.
5 July 2023 Footprint Farmers
New charter to tackle retailer price pressure on horticulture growers
Irish growers are particularly punished by the pricing system compared with their European counterparts, a new Government strategy has outlined.
3 June 2023 News