Greenfield Dairy Farm is a commercial dairy farm milking 330 cows in spring milk production. The farm is leased for 15 years, converted to grass from tillage in 2010. Heifer calves contract reared. All machinery work contracted out. The farm was established to develop production information and financial data for a large scale dairy farm using real costs.

Farm Programmes
Holding yields and lifting solids in Armagh
Peter McCann
The bull team on James and Owen Martin's farm in Co Armagh is being revised. Peter McCann reports
4 September 2019 Breeding & health
Super summer helps 2019 cash surplus
The Greenfield farm in Kilkenny is having a much better year in 2019 despite the summer dry period writes Jack Kennedy
26 June 2019 Grass & feeding
Greenfield gates almost closed
A record year for milk production is on the cards in Kilkenny – the combination of good management, better weather, a maturing herd and planning writes Jack Kennedy
Greenfield: measuring the importance of time of day with sexed semen
Sexed semen results look promising on Greenfield Farm but more work is needed, writes Jack Kennedy.
2 June 2019 Breeding & health
Greenfield Farm: grass cover falls below target
Lack of moisture is hampering growth rates in Kilkenny, writes Jack Kennedy.
26 May 2019 Grass & feeding
Greenfield Farm: tightening up farm grass covers
Reading the grass wedge is the key driver now for main season grazing writes Jack Kennedy
12 May 2019 Feature
Greenfield Farm: May protein remains high
Good grazing management is now paying off at Greenfield in Kilkenny, writes Jack Kennedy.
5 May 2019 Grass & feeding
Dempsey at Large: Greenfield lease disagreement a cause of great concern
It has turned out to be a major learning exercise, with absolute transparency around all costs and returns with no sponsorship of inputs, facilities or credit terms.
1 May 2019 Opinion
Greenfield Farm: all systems go for now
While the future of the Greenfield project hangs in the balance, the farm is at full tilt – between breeding, feeding, fertilising, and grazing, writes Jack Kennedy.
28 April 2019 News
Greenfield Farm: where to now?
Greenfield Farm in Kilkenny can answer the big questions that the industry must solve, argues Jack Kennedy.
27 April 2019 Opinion
Greenfield: breeding under way in Kilkenny
The breeding season is up and running in Kilkenny and the weather suits everyone, writes Jack Kennedy.
21 April 2019 Breeding & health
Greenfield: condition-score now and take action
Time to get organised now with breeding charts and condition-scoring, writes Jack Kennedy.
14 April 2019 Grass & feeding