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Remote control Bobcats on the way
Bobcat has announced that it is launching a new remote control system for its compact loaders.
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Grimme fairytale: four-row doubles throughput and halves diesel usage
Peter Thomas Keaveney took a trip to Headfort Farm in Co Meath to catch up with the Sheridans, who recently made the move to a four-row Grimme potato planter.
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Ford gives Ranger the Raptor treatment
Ford now dominates the pick-up truck market in Ireland and the new Ranger Raptor offers new higher-speed off-road driving as Michael Moroney reports from his recent test drive in Morocco
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Colm McCarthy: counting the cost of cutting carbon emissions
The engineers think that many rural families will be reluctant to put all their eggs in the electric basket and might want to hold on to at least one petrol or diesel vehicle.
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Claas hits a Jaguar milestone
Claas recently built its 40,000th Jaguar at its Harsewinkel plant in Germany. Peter Thomas Keaveney looks back at the history of Claas foragers.
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You wouldn’t let your lunch go off – so why risk your silage?
Just like putting the cling-film on the sandwiches, a heavy-duty silage cover helps stop the top layer of silage going off and cuts down on costly waste.
Glanbia and Breast Cancer Ireland want to turn the countryside pink
Silage season 2019 is underway and swathes of the lush green countryside are about to be splashed with vibrant pink as a major #PinkBales fundraising drive is unwrapped.
Ecosyl - the world’s most proven silage additive
Ecosyl silage additive is recognised by researchers worldwide as being backed by more independent trial evidence than any other silage additive.
The long-term solution for dock control
Where docks are a problem in silage swards, it pays to control them before the silage is cut. When it comes to your choice of herbicide, DoxstarPro is a highly effective product for controlling docks.