Three lads from Rathdowney Macra, Cian Coffey, John Sweeney and Liam Barton, competed against five other teams to take home first place at the FBD Farm Skills final. Fermoy Macra were in second place, with Callan Macra being worthy third place winners.

Each team had to take part in three tasks:

  • Tractor teamwork: the teams had to lift two straw bales on to two timber pallets before using the loader to place them on top of a barrel. Meanwhile, the other tractor had to drive the roller through a series of staggered stakes and then reverse it back through them.
  • Farming knowledge: each team had to answer a series of questions on farm management, farm safety, animal husbandry and general farm issues.
  • Stock-proof fence: building an L-shaped stock-proof fence using one turner post and two machined posts is a great test of skill and accuracy, setting the teams apart. The posts must be driven manually, and the three strands of high-tensile wire form a 90° angle between the two end posts using the third turner post.