It’s that time of year when I like to try and get the yard tidied up after a busy winter.

Top of the list was to hang a few gates at the entrance to the yard.

Facing out on to the road I decided to go all out and buy two 8ft mesh gates and instead of cutting up an aul telegraph pole I’d invest in two shiny galvanised hanging posts and even a removable centre post.

I headed off down to the co-op expecting that I would be told that due to supply chain disruptions I would have to wait a few weeks.

But, no, there they were – two shiny gates and enough hanging posts to hang every gate on the farm had I wanted to.

With the trailer loaded, I went into the office to settle the bill.

The first warning came when I heard mutterings from behind the counter “that can’t be right”.

After checking a few barcodes and consultation with colleagues, the bill was presented to me somewhat sheepishly – that will be €880 including the VAT.

Never mind stagflation, gateflation is alive and well.