February was a busy month in Greenfield, where the pressure was increasing and the weather wasn't helping. Jack Kennedy wrote: "In my opinion, the last two weeks in Kilkenny have been as bad as it gets in terms of pressure since the start of farm development in late 2009."

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April brought buoyant grass growth as the February floods disappeared. Calving was almost complete on the farm and it was time to get the cows back in calf again. The landowners bought a new field beside the parlour and the Greenfield company agreed to lease the field for the remaining 10 years of the 15-year lease.

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With six weeks of breeding completed, round bales made and pit silage covered, the Kilkenny farm was well set up for winter. The focus now for the next six months was on managing grass from week to week and keeping milk quality results as high as possible.

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The last bag of nitrogen was gone out and the rain and clover brought good milking conditions to the Greenfield farm.

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The dry weather allowed for a new farm road to be installed into the new lease paddock behind the milking parlour. While the grass cover was a little strong, the quality was good and the cows were milking well.


Cows were once-a-day milking at Greenfield. The constant rain over a number of weeks during October and November was not enough to dampen spirits after an excellent year for growth and milk price.

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