How much are you paying for... silage wrap
In this instalment of how much are you paying for… we take a look at the going rate for silage wrap and netting across the country.

The Irish Farmers Journal this week carried out a survey on the cost of silage wrap and netting.

Baling activity has taken off this week and the cost of netting and silage wrap is one aspect that can influence the final cost of making a bale.

We spoke to a range of merchants from across the country to bring you the best information on what you should be paying.


Netting is averaging just under €175 for 3,600m. There are 4,500m sizes on offer in most stores and these are priced at €274.


In comparison with previous years, where wrap was averaging €85, this year’s prices are slightly lower, with the average price across all regions quoted at €81.25.

Suppliers expect this to rise as the summer progresses and stocks start to run low.

The best deals are available for those buying in bulk. All suppliers surveyed offered keen rates for those willing to take pallets of 40, with delivery to the yard included in the cost.

The lowest price quoted was €77 in the north of the country for a single roll.

The south of the country had the most expensive rolls, costing €85 each. Slightly lower prices were available in the east and west, with rolls available at €80 and €83 respectively.


While there was small levels of variation across the country, there was large variation in price between brands.

This ranged from €5 to €10, with the quality of the wrap reported for the difference in price.

Buyers should also be mindful when purchasing of getting a six-digit code, which will have a knock-on effect on the cost of recycling the wrap later in the year.

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