Over 1,200 cattle went through the scales last Thursday in Kilkenny Mart.

An incredible number for mid-September, the increased numbers were met with strong demand, resulting in the clearance rate hitting nearly 92%.

Speaking after the sale, mart manager Michael Lynch said: “We had a very big sale with all types going quite well.

"[There was] Probably more Friesian-type cattle in it, but they were still making a decent trade.

"We had a big entry of cull cows which proved very strong, selling to €1,830.

"Short-keep cattle continued their strong demand. Angus proved quite strong throughout.”

Average prices

Dry cow average rose to €1.81/kg, up by 13c/kg on the week. For more beef-bred culls, this average rose to €2.11/kg.

Prices peaked at €1,830 for a 760kg Limousin born in 2009 (€2.41/kg).

While that was the overall top price per head, top price per kilogramme in the cull cow section was €2.49/kg. This was paid for a 2018-born Charolais that weighed in at 690kg and sold for €1,720.

Full-bred Friesian

Full-bred Friesian stock could be seen making nearly €2/kg on rare occasions, but the majority of these lots hovered around €1.65/kg or below.

First-cross dairy cows hit over €2.10/kg, but, again, were more often around €1.85/kg.

Heavy stock continue to be in exceptional demand. Prices for steers weighing 600kg-plus saw average price settle at €2.24/kg, rising to €2.48/kg for the top third of lots sold.

Leading the way in this section was a pair of Charolais bullocks weighing 628kg that sold for €2.63/kg (€1,650).

However, prices per head did exceed this, with a pair of Limousin bullocks with an average weight of 725kg selling for €1,840 (€2.54/kg).


Heavy heifers were in shorter supply, with average animals 7c/kg back on that of the bullocks at €2.17/kg. Top lot here was a 685kg Limousin heifer that sold for €1,660 (€2.42/kg).

Short-keep heifer lots were more plentiful and met with a very strong demand, seeing prices rise up to €2.90/kg.

This was paid for a 555kg Limousin heifer that sold for €1,610. This was far from a one-off, with many other lots weighing 500kg to 600kg exceeding €2.50/kg.

Bullocks of the same weight were on a similar boat, with average for the top third of lots sold seeing average settle at €2.55/kg.

Top lots here were a batch of seven Charolais that weighed 500kg and sold for €2.80/kg.

In pictures

These five Charolais bullocks had an average weight of 549kg and sold for €1,320 (€2.40/kg).

This pair of Angus bullocks, born spring 2020, weighed 535kg and sold for €1,230 (€2.30/kg).

This pair of yearling Blue bullocks had an average weight of 350kg and sold for €930 (€2.66/kg).

This group of six Angus heifers with an average weight of 429kg sold for €890 (€2.07/kg).

This pen of eight Angus heifers had an average weight of 453kg and sold for €1,050 each (€2.32/kg).

This 31-month-old Blue heifer weighed 670kg and sold for €1,480 (€2.21/kg).

This March 2019 Blue cow weighed 640kg and sold for €1,330 (€2.08/kg).

This 30-month-old Charolais heifer weighed 655kg and sold for €1,500 (€2.29/kg).

This May 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 540kg and sold for €1,160 (€2.15/kg).

This March 2020-born Hereford bullock weighed 615kg and sold for €1,280 (€2.08/kg).

These seven Friesian bullocks born spring 2020 had an average weight of 447kg and sold for €810 (€1.81/kg).

These three 19-month-old Friesian bullocks weighed 445kg and sold for €780 (€1.75/kg).

This pair of 16-month-old Limousin bullocks weighed on average 520kg and sold for €1,260 (€2.42/kg).