Every year the vintage display garners great interest.

For some it takes them back down memory lane to a time when they were worked a particular machine in their youth. Others may not know what a machine is for, but are fascinated by its intricacies.

This year’s display is no different, thanks to the Irish Vintage and Tractor Engine Association (IVETA) and the Irish Vintage Society (IVS).

A Ruston-Bucyrus 10RB dragline will be on display. This machine is fitted with oak pads for bog work. Machines of this generation preceded the hydraulic excavators that are now commonplace. This machine would have been also been used for cleaning rivers and drains across Ireland.

The advantage of this machine was its long reach that could span the width of a river. According to Jimmy Fogarty of IVETA, the machine expected at the Ploughing is at least 70 years old with few remaining examples left working in Ireland.

There will also be a selection of hand and peg drum threshing machines.

These were used to manually thresh the grain from the head of wheat, barley or oats. The advantage of this system was that the straw was undamaged and was ideal for use in thatching a house. Horse power was used to drive these with some even being operated manually, which was apparently a tough day’s work.

To crush the grain, there will be a selection of mills on display with quern stones dating from the 1760s. There will be a rare Ferguson hammer-mill operated by a stationery engine.

Butter-making equipment showing how butter was made throughout the ages will also be on show.

Another rare machine on display will be a Volvo tractor of which there are only three or four in Ireland.

Butter making equipment will feature strongly in the vintage arena at this year's Ploughing.

Fitted with a winch on the front, it is thought it was originally intended for the Irish army.

Reversible ploughs are very common nowadays on tractors but there will be a single-furrow horse-drawn plough on display in the vintage area.

There will also be some very rare and unusual hand tools to see.

Each day there will be two parades, one at 11am and one at 3pm and there will be live commentary on all the individual items in the parade.

Friends of Ferguson Heritage will also be in attendance.

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