Four-year-old Evan, three-year-old Alex and one-year-old Shay are making sure their new calves are happy in their new home in Co Monaghan. / Claire McGuigan.

Joey O'Brien in Grange, Ardmore, Co Waterford having his morning cup of tea while checking out the machinery in the Farmers Journal. / Kellie Roche

Kelly O'Neill's Kunekune pig Shelby trying to fit in with her neighbours. / Kelly O'Neill

Gráinne Commins taking a selfie with her cow on the farm in Co Tipperary.

Tom Tynan's daughter Lucy helping him clean the yard with a big smile in Ennisnag, Co Kilkenny. / Tom Tynan

22-month-old Jack Byrnes helping out on the farm in Tipperary under the watchful eye of his Mam and Dad. / Claire McBride

Enda Dunne and grandad Jimmy Cully from Longwood feeding the cattle silage on Tuesday 23 November 2021. / Aiveen Cully

Rachel Gubbins checking on her granddad’s cows. /Paul Gubbins

Fionn Murphy and Teddy Stafford enjoying some Sunday morning farming in Co Wexford. / Anton Stafford

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