Merchants can choose manual or automated method of inputting fertiliser records
Rachel Donovan
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue was in front of the Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture on Wednesday speaking about the new fertiliser register.
29 March 2023 News
Bank of Ireland reports a ‘significant’ rise in agri-loan applications
Bank reports a brisk start to the year for its farmer-lending product.
29 March 2023 News
Fertiliser prices fall further
Product is moving - although slowly, as wet weather continues to hamper fertiliser application on farms, with a huge range in prices for all products.
Scale and intensity the new hurdles to supports
In a reversal of the trend for decades, farmers who are growing in scale or farming their land very intesnively are being placed in the slow lane, and even the lay-by for new schemes
29 March 2023 Dealer
Beef prices: quotes steady as finished cattle supplies tighten
Adam Woods has the latest on the mart trade, including factory prices for finished stock.
27 March 2023 Markets
Farming mostly safe from artificial intelligence - says artificial intelligence
We asked an AI chatbot if AI will replace farmers. Here's what it said.
27 March 2023 News
Opinion: there’s no victory for farming in a culture war
If a political movement is to emerge in rural Ireland, it would be better for it to focus on issues rather than ideology, writes Pat O’Toole.
25 March 2023 Opinion
Weekly podcast: suckler scheme, old farm buildings and Dutch farmer vote
On this week’s podcast we discuss sucklers, old farm buildings, a big win for the Dutch farmers party and fertiliser prices.
24 March 2023 Podcast
Exclusive: €200/suckler cow payment guaranteed
Adam Woods talks to Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue about the new suckler programme and what it means to the industry.
22 March 2023 News
Ray Ó Foghlú: the environmentalist who doesn't want to tell you what to do
Ray Ó Foghlú of the eco-system restoration charity, Hometree, outlines to Lorcan Roche Kelly his vision for how farmers, food production and forestry can co-exist.
22 March 2023 Editorial
DAERA clarifies codes used on soil test reports
Some SNHS participants have queried their soil analysis results after certain fields were labelled with an environmental code.
22 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Mixed reaction in Mullingar to new SCEP scheme
Adam Woods reports from the first Suckler Carbon Effeciency Programme (SCEP) information meeting in Mullingar on Tuesday night.
22 March 2023 Breeding & health