The first Central Auctions autumn weanling sale of 2021 took place in Roscrea on Wednesday evening, attracting an entry of nearly 330 cattle.

Prices proved strong throughout, with a big presence of Belgian Blue and Limousin cattle securing the top prices on the evening.

Top price came in at a massive €4.71/kg, with over €3/kg readily available for the real top lots on show.

Overall, 90% of the lots through the ring on the night found new homes to an average price of €2.57/kg. This increased to an average of €2.94/kg for the top third of lots traded.

Securing lots on the night were dealers, specialised finishers and farmer buyers.

'Great quality'

Speaking after the sale, mart manager Michael Harty said: “We had a very good entry of stock, with a great quality of weanling from start to finish.

"Trade throughout remained quite firm right up to the closing lots sold after 9pm. We will be hosting our weanling sale every Wednesday evening from 5pm now.”

Top price

Securing the overall top price on the night was a hybrid bull weanling from local breeder Nicholas Bergin.

This August 2020-born Belgian Blue calf is out of a purebred Limousin cow and hit the market at €2,120. Weighing in at 450kg, this is a per-kilogramme price of over €4.70.

This topped an exceptional day for the Roscrea man, who also took the sale's top female and overall second-top price.

His August 2020 all-black Belgian Blue heifer weighed in at 390kg and sold for €1,790 (€4.59/kg).

Show winners

The female ring-topper was after placing first in the heifer class in the pre-sale show, judged by Tommy Fitzgerald and John Searson.

They selected their male winner as a 10-month-old Belgian Blue that weighed 420kg and sold for €1,250 (€2.98/kg). This bull was also bred by a local farmer, this time Michael Tierney.

The three prizewinners in the bull section sold for an average sale price of €3.60/kg, while the three heifer prizewinners sold to an average of €3.82/kg.

Other standout prices on the night included €3.94/kg for a 465kg one-year-old Limousin heifer, €3.84/kg for a 365kg Limousin heifer which stood second in the show and €3.82/kg for a 440kg Blue heifer.

In pictures

This 10-month-old Blue bull weighed 350kg and sold for €1,210 (€3.46/kg).

This 12-month-old Limousin heifer weighed 465kg and sold for €1,830 (€3.94/kg).

This August 2020-born Blue heifer weighed 375kg and sold for €1,420 (€3.79/kg).

This August 2020-born Blue heifer weighed 415kg and sold for €1,510 (€3.66/kg).

This eight-month-old Limousin bull weighed 355kg an sold for €1,035 (€2.92/kg).

This 355kg Blue heifer born October 2020 placed third in the show and sold for €1,120 (€3.15/kg).

This second-prizewinning heifer born November 2020, weighed 365kg and sold for €1,400 (€3.84/kg).

The second-prizewinning bull was born October 2020, weighed 425kg and sold for €1,290 (€3.04/kg).

First-prizewinner in the bull class was this 10-month-old Blue bull that weighed 420kg and sold for €1,250 (€2.98/kg).

This September 2020-born Limousin bull weighed 465kg and sold for €1,270 (€2.73/kg).

Prizewinners from the heifer show with judges Tommy Fitzgerald and John Searson. These three heifers averaged €3.82/kg.