Farmer Writes: a year to forget but one that must be remembered
Twelve months after he suffered from severe burnout on his Cork farm, Harold Kingston looks back at how the pressure had built up and how he was supported to get through a dark time.
9 January 2019 News
Farmer Writes: a Christmas that could be celebrated
Harold Kingston gives a run through of his preparations for calving along with emphasising the importance of farmers looking after their own health.
5 December 2018 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: wasn’t that a great spell of weather?
Harold Kingston looks back at the weather that was in 2018 and notes how he ended up with a closing cover of 243kg.
Farmer Writes: frying pan to fire – coping with 2018
Harold Kingston sees his experiences of rollercoasters on a recent trip to Disneyland Paris as the perfect training for farming following the struggles of 2018.
21 August 2018 News
Farmer writes: calendar farming out the window for 2018
Harold Kingston feels the unpredictable weather has lead to work being done when it can be done not just when the dates allow it.
19 June 2018 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: drying off autumn calvers
Harold Kingston writes about drying off autumn calvers, getting ready for calving and why family time is important.
29 August 2017 World
Farmer Writes: Supplementing lower grass energy with crimped wheat
The abundance of grass won’t be long disappearing if current weather continues, writes Harold Kingston.
2 October 2016 Farmer Writes
The cost of 'fitting by farmer' doesn’t appear on any invoice
2016 has not exactly been a year to inspire capital investment in the dairy sector. Everything has been pretty much limited to essential repairs, writes Harold Kingston.
7 August 2016 Farmer Writes
Soil fertility conference comment: the application of science
Harold Kingston provides his insight and analysis following last week's Soil Fertility conference.
21 October 2015 Opinion
Farmer writes: Vaccination programme on the farm
This week Harold Kingston writes about the vaccination programme he has in place on his farm in Co Cork.
13 June 2015 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: UK environmental blogger tests the patience of Irish farmers
A number of online attacks on the farming industry from a prominent UK environmental blogger has disturbed Harold Kingston's peace in recent days.
6 June 2015 Farmer Writes
Farmer writes: "It's too late!" - or is it?
When it comes to farming and climate change, the extremists always seem to take centre stage - except at a recent debate attended by farmer Harold Kingston.
30 May 2015 News